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openbsd misc – basic smtpd question

// Thread started by bofh

Trying to migrate from my 4.4 to 5.1. Thought I’d go with smtpd. Is
this config good? I want all email for my domain to be delivered on
this box, and for this box to send email out.

wan_if = “em0”
lan_if = “fxp0”

listen on lo0
listen on $lan_if
listen on _wan_if

map “aliases” { source db “/etc/mail/aliases.db” }

accept for local alias aliases deliver to mbox
accept for domain “*” deliver to mbox
accept for domain “*” deliver to mbox
accept from relay

I’m also using spamd with default settings as delivered on 5.1, just
uncommenting out the spamd pieces in /etc/pf.conf – there’d be no
impact here right?




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  • On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 8:38 AM, Christopher Zimmermann
    > On Sun, 3 Jun 2012 08:15:56 -0400
    > bofh wrote:
    > Do you want to accept remote mail for your domains? Then you need to
    > add “from all”.
    So, accept from all for domain “*” deliver to mbox

    OK, got it!

    >> accept from relay
    > Relay how? Using smarthost? Possibly password protected? Then you need
    > something like this:
    > map “secrets” { source db “/etc/mail/secrets.db” }
    > accept from … for all relay via smarthost tls auth “secrets”

    Still thinking about what I want to do for this – internal network is
    just my house, wpa2 protected wireless. But thanks for the pointer.

  • Christopher Zimmermann:

    You probably want smtpd to deliver your outgoing mail via a smarthost
    of your ISP, because some mailservers reject mail from dynamic IP
    ranges or “private” IP ranges.

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